2015: The Transitioning Year

December 17, 2015

They say nothing in life is constant besides change: and that couldn’t be more true. Growing up I used to be really scared of change, I hated change, all kinds of change. It always took me a while to get used to it. I remember coming home from school when I was 10 or so, mum had rearranged the family lounge completely, I walked in and freaked out. It was such a shock to my system, everything was different, I hated different. I think I cried that entire evening, I was so upset. It seems so stupid now, but it really really bothered me back then. A week later I had gotten around the idea, and actually quite liked it. That was me at 10. At 20, I have a slightly different approach to change. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel that it often takes a lot of getting used to, but something a friend told me right before semester at sea, really impacted me and my view on change. She said to me, “Stop associating change with loss, not all change is bad change. New things will come your way, it’ll be different, but good different!”. As I understood that change didn’t mean loss, my perception and views on things started to change; and I understood that change leads to transition. Continue Reading…



December 15, 2015

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of no where..and sometimes in the middle of no where, you find yourself!”

Semester at sea is an experience unlike any other, of course the name suggests that – but it really is life changing, take that from someone who has been there and back. For some it was an escape from the stifling familiar environments, for some it was a chance to see new places and explore, for some it was a chance to travel the world but for me it was so much more than any of that. I came to semester at sea with no idea what to expect, I was scared, I was apprehensive, I wasn’t sure if this was for me. The person who went into semester at sea is not the person who came out of it. For the longest while, I’ve thought that its been just one big party and that I haven’t actually learnt very much. I wasn’t sure if I should recommend SAS to any one else, because yes it had been amazing and fun but I wasn’t quite sure how much of an educational experience came out of it. Today I know, today it makes sense, so much sense. Its not JUST been an educational experience, its been an educating life experience! Continue Reading…

At Sea

Salt of the Earth – a film that changed my view of the world

December 13, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.55.52 AM

Stop for 5 minutes, read this post – I promise you, it’ll leave a great impact!

I don’t know if any of you have ever felt your life change within 120 minutes, its possible, mine did in a beautiful & extraordinary way.

One of the classes I took at semester at sea was Intro to Photography. Our professor Paige was just incredible, if you’ve met her you know she is. A few weeks ago, she asked us to come watch a film called Salt of the Earth, a film based on a photographers life and photography. A bunch of us arrived to the theatre on the ship with popcorn and snacks, not sure what to expect but excited because Paige had been raving about this film (& she always knows what she’s talking about!) At first (in the first 10 minutes) I was really apprehensive and was sure that it would  thought it was going to be boring. It was a French film with English subtitles and I didn’t speak a word of French, which made me even more apprehensive to watch it. I had never understood why people would watch films in a language they didn’t understand because you basically spend your time reading the movie. But I was soon to realize how beautiful the experience was! Continue Reading…

At Sea


December 5, 2015

A few months ago I was sitting with my parents, trying to figure out whether to do semester at sea or not – I was really nervous for what was ahead. Later that day, my mum sent me an article which said ‘Staying is Settling: Why you need to move at least 5 times in your life.’ & the article could not have been more true, staying really is settling. The 5 moves were:

  • Move #1: To get away from what you know
  • Move #2: To find new experiences
  • Move #3: To chase love
  • Move #4: To escape that love
  • Move #5: To begin all over again

For my life, move #1 came at 18 when I left home to go to Boston. That was when I left the nest, the hardest but most rewarding first move. But the real game changer here has been my latest move, move #2: to find new experiences.

The article said: “The second move you make should be one of restlessness. You should be tired of the same flavors of your now comfortable surroundings. This move is about feeling again. It’s about accepting that you can’t possibly know everything, but you are going to try. You are going to have experiences, adventures and an unforeseen future. You don’t know who you’ll meet, what you’ll find or how you’ll get there, but you will do it. You will jump into it blindly and openly. You will make new friends, find new flavors and reignite that passion for life that came with your first move. You will not rest until your hungry soul is placated. You will leave your old friends for new ones, your first language for another and that idea that you’re home for that invigorating feeling of homesick.” Continue Reading…



November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving is a great reminder of how much we have in life to be thankful for, and especially as you’ve just recently been to a country like Senegal. I’m thankful for being privileged – privileged to be able to travel, to be able to live comfortably, to be able to have a steady supply of food and water, a roof over my head..many roofs over my head, for being surrounded by friends and family, for my education and for so much more. Its a good time to reflect on how much we have had to be thankful for this year, how many incredible opportunities have come our way. For me this year has been one of abundance – abundance of love, happiness and success.

Today we arrived in Trinidad, so far away from home and yet i’ve never felt closer. My first ever thanksgiving dinner was tonight! Its funny, I’ve been in the US for 2 years now and I’ve never attended an actual thanksgiving dinner! A friends parents were in town and 30 of us went out for dinner. It was so so special! The table was beautiful, the food was AMAZINGGGGG (now i know what all the fuss is about) & the company of course was the best part. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people. Its crazy to think that i’ve known these people for such a short while – yet i’m so comfortable around them.  They’ve become my family and my home away from home! It was the most magical night ever & here’s a picture of our table – you can even see our ship in the background! :) xx Continue Reading…

At Sea


November 7, 2015

SAS is incredible! We have our own little world here, no idea of the date or of days or anything of that sort. We had halloween on the ship yesterday, even though it was 6 days late the entire ship was decked out. Doors were decorated, the dependent children went trick or treating and the rest of us got dressed up for the halloween dance. Loving being at sea xx

IMG_6228 IMG_6246 IMG_6250


Around the world in 100 days

September 13, 2015

Today I embarked on a journey, which I hope will be fulfilling. I’m not too sure what will be in store but I’m really excited for all that life has planned for me. Over the next 100 days, we’re going to visit 10 countries and 12 ports and countless cities of travel. It begun today in South Hampton.. And this is our travel route over the next several months:
Stop #1: Civitavecchia Italy

Stop #2: Naples, Italy

Stop #3: Istanbul, Turkey // Cancelled cause of refugee crisis, changed to Dubrovnik, Croatia last minute!

Stop #4: Athens, Greece

Stop #5: Valencia, Spain

Stop #6: Barcelona, Spain

Stop #7: Casablanca, Morocco

Stop #8: Dakar, Senegal

Stop #9: Salvador, Brazil

Stop #10: Trinidad & Tobago

Stop #11: Panama Canal

Stop #12: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Three and a half months later our voyage will end in San Diego! I can’t believe that I’m actually here, this feels so so surreal. I’m nervous about what is in store, living on a ship for so long, entering a foreign environment and having to make friends from scratch. I have no idea what this experience is going to be like.. and I hate not knowing what to expect.  But i know for sure that there are lots of adventures coming up – keep reading xxx Jay